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  When I was in my small, dark basement workroom/kitchen, this painting became a source of inspiration.  As I am a Christian Science Practitioner I am always aware that we need to be in tune with the one Mind (the consciousness of God governing the universe).  This is powerful and transforming. When our thoughts are happy then the sunlight of Truth heals every aspect of our lives.  The vision of God's perfection [see Genesis and You] brings harmony to our physical experience too which resumes normality.

  I had wanted something to remind me of freedom and sunshine so I asked a friend who is an artist to paint me something and she came up with this.  She had never painted like this before but enjoyed doing something totally fresh.  It is only an impression of flowers; a reminder of colour, just enough, for me to say WOW!  To move my thought on to see beyond the dismal to brighter possibilities.

  I'm so grateful she did this for me and eventually I did get my ideal space.  I feel healing comes about in the same way.  When we see some aspect of our lives from God's vibrant point of view, it changes our whole experience mentally and eventually physically too.  This is the power that heals.  It gets rid of shadows.  I like to think that together with the patient my practice helps turn on this powerful light that dispels discord and disease.

  Sometimes it needs another's prayerful detached view to focus this power of God just where it is needed.